DIY: How to Build Your Own Macro Lens for the iPhone

DIY: How to Build Your Own Macro Lens for the iPhone

If you do much photography using your iPhone, you’ve likely encountered shooting situations where a macro lens would come in handy. The iPhone, of course, doesn’t have a way to mount lenses, so what’s to be done?

You could always purchase a macro lens online, but I haven’t seen a commercial macro lens for less than $20 – and the cheaper options tend not to be anywhere near as nice as you might like. A better option might be to build your own macro lens!

TUAW points to a handy tutorial from Instructables that should do the trick quite nicely! Even better, it’s super easy:

His design can be printed out at 3D printing house Shapeways for $11.00, and then equipped with a 12 mm PCX glass lens with a 51 mm focal length fromSurplus Shed (part number L4471) for $4.

Not only is the design simple and quite cheap, but you’ll also have a macro lens that you can be proud of having made yourself! Head on over to Instructubales for the full lowdown!