Burner – Create Temporary “Burnable” Phone Numbers at Will

Burner  – Create Temporary “Burnable” Phone Numbers at Will

If you’re a bit of a privacy lover, and want to keep your real cell number a secret known only to you and the black helicopters, well here’s the app for you. It’s called Burner, and it lets you create temporary phone numbers that can be “burned” at will.


The development team over at Ad Hoc Labs says the app is ideal for dating, Craigslist, short-term projects, side businesses, bands, FaceBook marketing posts and any other endeavor for which you’d like to give out a phone number on a non-permanent basis.

You can create from one to several phone numbers at a time. Each will pose as a separate line within your iPhone. They can be used for voice and text messaging. When you make an outgoing call, the “Burner” number will show on the recipient’s caller ID, and you can direct incoming calls to either your main mobile number, or directly to voice mail.

When you’re finished with your secret mission, just punch the temporary number’s “Burn” button, and the number is destroyed.

The app is available on the App Store for $1.99, (Direct Link), and includes credits to create one Burner line, it will last for a week, and will be good for 20 minutes of talk time, or 20 SMS messages, which ever comes first.

As needed, you can buy additional credits to create more Burners, extend others already in place. The more you buy, the bigger the discount.

After you “Burn” a number, that’s it. It’s gone forever. Anyone who calls it will get a “no longer in service” message.

OK, all you secret agents and Craigslist aficionados, start “Burning!”