Five Things Apple Could Do With Its Money Ahead Of 2013

Five Things Apple Could Do With Its Money Ahead Of 2013

Apple has money. More than any other company in world, and more than most third world countries. If time is money, then Apple would be immortal. You get my drift, Apple is loaded, and at the moment everyone is wondering what Apple is going to do with it. It has already started paying a dividend, as well as made further contributions to charitable schemes, so here are five more things Apple could do with its dough.

Bail Out/Buy Greece

While this is very unlikely, it’s well within Apple means. It would take possession of a popular tourist destination, and would still have 200 billion left over for something else. Whether it be for a giant HQ or simply obtaining an inexhaustible supply of feta cheese, it would definitely be interesting and would also secure the future of the country. And doesn’t President Cook sound cool?

An iPad For Every Person In Africa

Continuing with charitable theme, Apple has enough money to give every man, woman and child in Africa an iPad at retail value. It works out at $411,980,656,626, comfortably inside its 622 billion market cap. They might be suffering war, hardships and starvation, but on the bright side, they would have Angry Birds.

Take over the car industry and dominate

Ford is worth 36 billion. General Motors is worth 33 billion. Toss a few more huge car companies into the mix and Apple would have complete domination over the car industry with lots of money to spare to develop the iCar – the wet dream of every petrolhead Apple fan.


Moving out of the realm of fantasy just a bit, Apple has already got a lot of the infrastructure in place to make this one work. And of course the money required. Debit cards are already being used in tandem with iPhones, and NFC is rumored in the next iPhone. Apple would them control two of the most important elements in our lives, and then there would be no stopping it (not that there already is).

Doing What It Does Best

Building awesome products. Innovating. Revolutionzing. Kicking Samsung’s butt in court. If ain’t broke don’t fix it, and if Apple continues to do what it does so well, then it doesn’t need to do anymore. While it would be awesome to see an iCar or Apple giving us loans to buy houses, bar something radical it ain’t going to happen, and for now we have to content ourselves with iPods, iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Got any more suggestions (fantasy or not)? Post in the comments.