Give An Old 80s Apple Mouse Bluetooth Functionality

Give An Old 80s Apple Mouse Bluetooth Functionality

Apple’s first mouse was revolutionary. It wasn’t only Apple’s first, it was the world’s first commercially available one, and as such its image remains engrained in the memory of all those who owned one. Unfortunately, it’s long gone past the point of compatibility with modern machines, but this neat little Instructables project will show you how to put the guts of a Bluetooth mouse inside the old Apple one, making for one piece of awesome computer history that you can use today!

It does require a bit of know how and a Dremel, but it’s very doable if you’re a geek and the end result is definitely worth it. Of course, not many have an old Apple mouse, however they are relatively easy to pick up off eBay and modern Bluetooth mice are also available cheaply online.

Awesome mouse aside, this project will also give you a look inside a piece of classic Apple technology, and as somebody who’s taken apart many Apple computers in the past, it’s super interesting. If you’ve got the time and need a new mouse, I’d definitely try this.

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