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How A MagSafe 2 Cable Can Break Your Retina Macbook Pro Screen

How A MagSafe 2 Cable Can Break Your Retina Macbook Pro Screen

Apple took the bold step of replacing the MagSafe adapter with the Magsafe 2 on all new Macbooks released at WWDC, and it has, so far, seemingly backfired. New York Times writer David Pogue strongly criticized the change, but the issue has now gone a step further, with a user’s Retina Macbook Pro screen breaking as a result of the design problem, Cult of Mac reports.

The customer in question, Lukas Mathis, detailed what happened on his blog:

The MacBook was sitting on my desk. I moved it a few inches to the left. This caused the power cable to bump against a book sitting on my desk. Which, in turn, caused the MagSafe connector to fall out of its socket. The cable, coming straight out of the connector, then pushed it on top of my MacBook.

Not having noticed what had happened, I closed the screen. Apparently, the glass on Appleā€™s new screens is really thin, because it immediately broke.

To add insult to injury, when it was taken to the Apple Store, they said that they didn’t yet have a solution to fix Retina screens! One would honestly expect better from Apple, especially from a design perspective. One of my mottoes is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There was no obvious need for a new MagSafe (the Retina Macbook Pro could have been half a millimeter thicker), and it has just complicated everything.

Hopefully they’ll add a stronger magnet to the next version, as it’s clear that frustration levels of new Macbook owners is getting close to boiling point.

  1. Marco Pillola says:

    that cable is a killer

  2. Conor Walker says:

    The retina display is very very fragile. It has no protective glass or plastic over it and is a thin, bare LCD.

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