John Sculley: TV Market Is Apple’s To Lose

John Sculley: TV Market Is Apple’s To Lose

John Sculley, the former Apple CEO, has claimed in an interview with Bloomberg that a move into the TV market is ‘Apple’s game to lose’ and that Apple’s smartphone and tablet domination would give them an edge in the living room area.


¬†They own three screens — the mobile phone, tablet and computer — and you can see how important it is to them to own the fourth, which is TV.

Sculley, who is now runs an investment firm and is chairman of 3Cinteractive, was hired by Steve Jobs before the latter left in 1985 after  disagreements with the man he hired.

There has been a wave of rumors, including Apple working with cable providers, that point to an Apple TV set (as opposed to its current Apple TV offering) and it will be interesting to see if Apple lives up to his expectations.