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Leaked Photos Show Completed ‘iPhone 5’ Front Panel, May Reveal NFC Support

Leaked Photos Show Completed ‘iPhone 5’ Front Panel, May Reveal NFC Support

Supposed parts for Apple’s next iPhone just keep popping up as Apple’s rumored September 12 media event creeps closer. New images leaked from Apple.pro (via MacRumors) show a completed front panel of the device, complete with home button, front-facing camera, and shielding – but the most interesting part of the images is that they might reveal an NFC chip.

The iPhone has been rumored on and off to feature NFC technology (which allows for contact-based interactions, such as “tap to pay”), and according to Macotakara, a piece of hardware located next to the front-facing camera looks like it could very well be an NFC chip.

Macotakara notes that the chip is located exactly where such chips appear in certain Apple patents, and doesn’t look like any part seen in any of Apple’s previous iPhone models. Further, there have been several prior indications that the next iPhone might have NFC.

While the inclusion of NFC does explain the extra piece of hardware, the claim is still quite speculative. It’s worth exercising some caution on this one.

Apple’s next iPhone is expected to feature a new taller and thinner design, a 4-inch screen, and more, and is expected to be announced on September 12 and released on September 21. For all the latest details, check out our iPhone 5 rumor roundup!



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