Review: NumberOne – A Nimble Minded Number Matching Game

Review: NumberOne – A Nimble Minded Number Matching Game

The older you get, the rustier your brain gets, at least that’s the theory, and I’m living proof of that! I can’t remember to do the ironing, because I forgot to do the laundry! My addled brain needs exercise, but I want to enjoy it. So, I tried, “NumberOne” from Neotko Studios.


NumberOne is a number matching game whose challenge lies in what is known as the Stroop Effect, which is based on the interference between the two sides of the brain. Some parts of your brain works on recognizing colors, while other parts work to read numbers, letters or symbols.

NumberOne sets this conflict up as a number matching game, which sounds easy, until you realize the numbers are on different colored tiles. So, while one part of your brain is trying to match the numbers, another part is working to match the colors. Conflict. In theory, your brain can become sharper by playing the game, because of the exercise the game gives different areas of your brain.

NumberOne is easy to just dive in and play. From the menu, tap the button marked “Press to Start” and you are on your way!

The whole idea is to match numbered tiles without being distracted by things like the fact that the color tiles might match numbers, but not colors. (Usually another tile will match the color, but not the number of your target tile.) You will also encounter shaking, tilting number tiles, and random buzzes, all trying to divert you from your goal of matching the number on two tiles.

As your round is set for a certain amount of seconds, as can be expected in a game like this, there is a time penalty if you touch the wrong numbered tile, but on the flip side, you get added time if you quickly touch the correct matching number. At the end of the time period you receive your stats for the round, and the opportunity to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.


I don’t know if it has made my mind any sharper, but the game is enjoyable. It’s a quickly played game that’s easy to pick up and play a few rounds while waiting for an appointment, or a plane.  The game is challenging without being overly complicated. In other words, it was fun, without making my brain ache.

If you like games that can be quickly picked up, and won’t lose their fun and challenge after just a few plays, NumberOne is worth a shot. I would recommend it for all ages. If you can recognize numbers, you can play this game.

Price: $0.99 – Available Now in the App Store (Direct Link)



  • Easy to learn, but won’t bore you after a few rounds.
  • The interface is clean and pleasing to the eye, with no gaudy colors.
  • The various colors, and nearly matching numbers and shaking tiles add to the challenge.


  • Would be great if in addition to number matching, you had to match tile colors, or various letters and symbols.


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