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Review: Savi People – Combine All Your Contacts Into One App

Review: Savi People – Combine All Your Contacts Into One App

Nowadays, the problem is that there are too many social networks – so many different contacts and friends’ lists to manage at once, it becomes nearly impossible. What’s needed is one centralized place where you can store all your contacts, making it your one stop shop if you want to phone a friend or email a co-worker. Savi People (App Store Link),  a new app from MobileLife Studio, aims to do just that. Let’s see how it performs.


From the moment you open it, Savi People feels well designed and engineered. The different icons for social networks and well presented and organized, which makes it easy to switch between your different contacts.

The first time one opens the app you are asked to add social networks, and it’s simply a case of entering the respective password to link the app.

Once you’ve done that, the favourites and groups tabs allow you to sort all your contacts, so you can create separate sections for co-workers, friends and family.

Depending on what networks the contact features on, you can have information such as address, telephone number email and more in one place, and this offers a neat alternative to the default contacts tab found in the Phone app.

Moving on to a negative is the number of social networks you can link. Savi People only features, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which considering how many social networks actually exist is pretty measly. An app like this should really have 10+ (YouTube, TwitPic and Pinterest are some of the main ones missing), as otherwise it’s not really worth having the app in the first place. For only three or four different networks, many would check them individually and not bother.

However you can’t deny that the social networks it does have it handles very well, as you can call, message or text at the tap of a button. The search functionality in the app is also incredibly handy if you have hundreds even thousands or contacts, which many do have.


Overall Savi People is a really smooth app and one of those that a lot of hard work has gone into to make the user experience as good as possible. Pretty much all the options are always a tap away, with all the buttons clear and straightforward.

The one big negative about this app is the lack of social networks, but this is something that’s probably temporary. It’s a new app, and I’m sure that given time more will be added. If you don’t mind not having many different social network options for now, then definitely give it serious consideration.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $0.99 (App Store Link)


  • Smooth app, works beautifully
  • Easy sorting of contacts with groups and favourites
  • One tap to message and configure settings


  • Nowhere near enough social networks, however this is perhaps something that will be updated in the future.