When and Where to Sell Your Old iPhone

When and Where to Sell Your Old iPhone

Apple is expected to announce their next iPhone in just one month, and the market for used iPhones will become a madhouse, as usual, as people try to get rid of their old iPhones to prepare for launch day. But when should you sell your iPhone? And how should you prepare your device for sale?

Preparing your iPhone

Before you sell your device, there are a few things you should do to get ready, such as assembling your packaging, erasing and restoring the device, and cleaning your device up to make it the most presentable. Check out our guide on preparing your iOS device for resale for more info.

When Should I Sell?

As soon as possible. Once Apple makes any sort of official announcement, the price for used iPhones will tank as desperate users rush to sell their old iPhone – often at lower prices than they would otherwise ask. The market will quickly fill up with used devices. My advice would be to list your device as soon as possible to get the most money.

You’ll still need a mobile phone to use in the meantime, however – so what’s to be done? Some people opt to use a cheap “dumb phone” they can pick up for cheap, alongside an iPod touch. Other people keep an older iPhone on hand as a backup. There are options.

Or you could just wait it out and settle for getting somewhat less money. You’ll likely still be able to get something out of it even after the next iPhone is released.

 Where Should I Sell?

There are plenty of options for selling your iPhone, from trade-in services to eBay to local classifieds. Some of these methods will pay more than others, however, so which should you choose?

More Money: Craigslist or eBay

Selling your device on a local classified site like Craigslist is usually a batter option for getting more money out of your device, or by carefully listing your iPhone on eBay. You can even set a buy-it-now price, or a reserve through eBay so you can guarantee you’ll get a certain amount (as long as the bids go high enough).

Less Hassle: Gazelle, NextWorth, RadioShack, or Amazon

  • Apple

Apple is offering to pay up to $345 for your old iPhone, in the form of an Apple gift card – a great deal, especially for Apple themselves!

These sites are two of the biggest electronics trade-in venues in existence. While they won’t offer you as much cash, they will save you a lot of hassle, and virtually guarantee that you’ll be able to sell your device. Gazelle and NextWorth will also allow you to lock-in a trade in price, allowing you to sell your iPhone now, and keep it until October! – sell your old iPhone now, but keep it until October!

  • RadioShack or Best Buy

Many RadioShack and Best Buy stores will offer you store credit for your iPhone through their trade-in program, although this is only useful if you plan on buying something else from the store. Not all stores offer the program however, so make sure your local store does before heading out.

Amazon’s Marketplace can also be an excellent option if you don’t mind shipping your device, and it will place your listing in front of millions of eyes. Using Amazon Marketplace is extremely easy, and can help ensure that you get more out of your device than simply trading it in to a used electronics purchaser.

There you have it! Good luck on selling your old iPhone, and we hope you love your new iPhone when you finally get it in your hands!