A Look At The Past iPhone Announcements

A Look At The Past iPhone Announcements

The day has finally arrived, and another iPhone keynote is upon us. Many of us lead busy lives however, and the last few iPhone keynotes might just have slipped by. Want a recap of all the iPhone presentations so far? We’ve gotcha covered, so buckle up, hop into the time machine and let’s go way back to 2007.


The original. What started it all. The grandaddy of multi touch. Without this, things would be very different today. The first generation iPhone was introduced in January 2007 at Macworld and took everyone by storm. From multitouch to visual voicemail, it was radically different from other smartphones of the time, despite it not having 3rd party apps.

iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G had a lot to live up to, and it didn’t do badly. Announced at WWDC 2008, it added 3G capability, as well as marking the launch of the App Store, giving users access to third party apps for the first time ever. 3G aside, the iPhone 3G was essentially the same hardware wise as its predecessor, it was just iPhone OS 2.0 (it wasn’t called iOS back then), that made the difference.

iPhone 3GS

The 3GS was announced a year later, at WWDC 2009, and stuck with the same design as the 3G. The changes were mainly performance related, as well as the ability to record video, which is probably the most notable feature. It is the oldest iPhone to still run iOS 6 (and that Apple still sells), but its demise is expected later today at the special event.

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 represented the first radical redesign since the first generation phone, with a glass front and back as well as a new shape. Announced at WWDC 2010, it also featured a front facing camera with Facetime, an A4 chip and was the first Apple product with a Retina display.

iPhone 4S

The latest iPhone was introduced in October last year and brought a new chip and Siri to the market. Those were arguably the two main attractions, and while many expected the iPhone 5 back then, we should definitely be seeing it in a few hours.

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