Apple Announces a New Version of iTunes

Apple Announces a New Version of iTunes

Apple announced the release of a new version of iTunes today. The new release is a major revamp of the venerable application. The new iTunes will be released in October.

New Library Views: iTunes now features simplified views of exactly what you want. If you want to find an album, just click “Music” and that’s all you’ll see. Same thing for movies, TV shows, or apps.

Expanded Views: If you select one of your albums it expands in place. You can see all the songs on the album, click Play, and keep  browsing without having to go back to the library. The screen will also show “In the Store” recommendations for similar content iTunes thinks you might want to check out.

MiniPlayer: This is a lot of features in a small place. Click the Up Next button to see which songs are playing next. Don’t like the next song that’s going to play? Search your collection and choose a different song — without ever having to open your library.

iTunes Store: The iTunes Store has been redesigned for your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so it looks and works the same wherever you shop. Shelves allow you to browse popular music, movies, TV shows, and more.

Preview History: Click the Preview History button for a quick list of all the music, movies, and TV shows you’ve accessed.

iCloud: Now when you preview a song or movie, it’s always easy to find again. iCloud keeps your preview history up to date across all your devices. Preview a song on your iPhone while you’re out and about, it’ll be on your Mac. Start a movie, TV show, podcast, or audiobook on one device. Pause, and pick it up later on another device. iCloud remembers where you left off.

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