30-Pin to Lightning Adapter NOT Included With iPhone 5

30-Pin to Lightning Adapter NOT Included With iPhone 5

There was quite a bit a confusion that came about surrounding what actually comes with the iPhone when people were preordering. Apple stated during the order finalisation process that the lightning adapter was included with the phone, something which contradicted the ‘What’s in the Box?’ section on the product page which said the opposite.

Apple has now clarified though: the adapter is NOT included, which will no doubt disappoint many who thought otherwise (via iGeneration). It is also in very short supply, and now no longer available until October.

This be really frustrating for those who chose not to order one, especially seeing as they are now in very short supply. If you’ve ordered your iPhone early and not an adapter, you’ll now have to wait until October to receive it, unless you queue at the Apple Store on the 21st.

I reckon there will be quite a few in a sticky situation: receiving the iPhone on the 21st, but unable to use it with any docks or accessories until much later.

Update: Apple has released a statement to The Loop, confirming that the iPhone 5 does not include a free adapter (even though their website said it did).

“The Lightning to 30-pin adapter does not come in the box with iPhone 5. It is sold separately,” Apple spokesperson, Natalie Harrison, told The Loop. “However, the Lightning to USB cable does come with iPhone 5 for connection to AC chargers and other devices.”