iPhone 3GS Stock Running Low at Apple Stores

iPhone 3GS Stock Running Low at Apple Stores

As the launch of Apple’s new iPhone draws closer and closer, Apple has reportedly begun informing their Genius Bar employees of limited stock of the iPhone 3GS – and that they should attempt to up-sell the new iPhone any time someone requests a 3GS repair.


Apple has warned its retail store Genius Bars of low iPhone 3GS stock. According to a note sent to Genius Bar employees worldwide, “until further notice,” Genius Bars should perform the following for iPhone 3GSs: screen repairs, discuss the advantages of buying a new iPhone, and lastly, swapping out the full iPhone 3GS hardware.

With supplies of the iPhone 3GS so low, Apple even tells employees to swap out affected 3GSs with an iPhone 4 replacement unit. That is if the particular store is completely out of the 3GS…

Also significant about the report is that Geniuses have been told to replace damaged 3GS units with the iPhone 4 if they are out of 3GS replacements. The limited stock seems to suggest that Apple will discontinue the iPhone 3GS once the new iPhone is released (as we predicted in our rumor roundup).

Do you think Apple will discontinue the 3GS?