First iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos!

First iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos!

BGR has published a set of images that reportedly show the first known unboxing of Apple’s iPhone 5. The device’s eco-friendly packaging is very similar to that of previous iPhones.

The photos reveal the internal layout of the box, with a view of the new design Earpods, (in what looks to be a protective case), an AC adapter, the new Lightning to USB cable, and of course, the smartphone itself.

AppleInsider points out the compartments used to separate the accessories, while the iPhone 4S case merely separated the accessories with standard dividers.

The black box matches the “Black and Slate” iPhone 5 color scheme, it’s not known if the “white and silver” version of the iPhone 5 will ship in its usual white packaging.

The photo set also includes a photo comparing the new iPhone 5 to the previous generation iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is set to go on sale at retail outlets this Friday.