iOS 6 Panorama Mode Hands-On With an iPhone 4S

iOS 6 Panorama Mode Hands-On With an iPhone 4S

The iOS 6 Golden Master that was just released on Apple’s Developer Center adds the brand new panorama mode to the iPhone 4S camera.


The panorama mode was once hidden within iOS and could be uncovered with a few simple code changes, however now the functionality is available for every iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 user. Panorama mode definitely isn’t complicated to use, as users simply click the panorama button found at the top and capture the photo by moving the camera across the guide.

iDownloadBlog has a great video demonstrating Panorama Mode.

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  1. Aurora says:

    If you just want to take some wider angle photos and not have the complete 180 deg views simply stop moving phone and turn in the opposite directions. Works great! No more need for wide angle lens.

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