iOS 6: What’s New With Mail?

iOS 6: What’s New With Mail?

The Mail app gets some much need love in iOS6. Some new features include: VIP Inbox, Pull-to-Refresh, App Store Previews, and Dedicated Signatures.

VIP Inbox

Afraid of missing emails from your boss, and important clients, or even worse, that delivery confirmation for the Robocop Blu-Ray Collection? Fret no more bunkie, with VIP Inbox, you can tell Mail who your “VIPs” are, and it will automatically slam all emails from those special folk into a dedicated inbox. Then you don’t have to slog through all the crap in your normal inbox to find that email from your boss, just check out the VIP Inbox.

Dedicated Signatures for Your Accounts

This one comes in handy. Tired of having to change your signature from the “Love, Your Pookie Bear” signature you use for your personal email account, to the more acceptable “Sincerely, Jason of Star Command”, when sending business emails? Just set up different signatures for each account you have on your device. Then the signature that’s used will fit the way you use that email account.

Pull to Refresh

Everybody’s favorite way to refresh their lists has made it to the Mail app. Bye-bye refresh button, hello downward swipe to refresh. Admit it, you’ve been trying to refresh the Inbox that way for the last two years anyway.

Shortcut to Your Drafts

Slogging through to find your draft emails is a pain in the rear if you have numerous accounts set up on your device. Not any more. Simply tap and hold the compose button, and the Drafts list will appear. Tap the draft you want, and you’re in the draft, ready to edit and send.

App Store Previews

Did someone send you a link to a great new app they think you’ll love? Tap the link in the email, and Mail will open a preview window that shows all the info about the app, including price, description, screenshots, and reviews. You can also purchase the app directly in the preview window! You never leave Mail, everything is done from your Inbox. It’s never been easier to explore new apps. Hear that? It’s the sound of my bank account softly weeping.

Tap to Insert Videos and Photos

In previous versions, if you had already started an email and wanted to insert a photo or video into it, you were SOL. (Simply Out of Luck.) You had to start the email from the Photos app to have the content inserted into an email. Now, if you’ve already started your opus, and you suddenly remember you wanted to include a photo,  just tap and hold, and then select “Insert Photo or Video”. Boom! The content is in the email, ready to go!

As you can see from the list above, the Mail app has been given some much needed love in iOS 6. The app has went from being “not so bad,” to “truly usable”.

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