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iOS Through The Ages: From iPhone To iPhone 5

iOS Through The Ages: From iPhone To iPhone 5

2007 is when iOS was brought into this world, and it sure has changed a lot since then! The App Store, iCloud and Game Center are just come of the features to have landed in iOS over the years, so here’s a full retrospective look at every major release of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iPhone OS 1.0

Technically, iOS was originally known as iPhone OS. It was the operating system that ran on the first iPhone, and had no third party apps or App Store. It was pure Apple, and it did have the iTunes Store and other apps such as Maps and Calculator.

iPhone OS 2.0

The biggest change in 2.0 was the introduction of the App Store. It completely revolutionised the OS. Imagine your iPhone without apps. That’s how it was before this update. Interestingly, Apple charged $9.95 for this update if you had an iPod touch. That’s roughly half of what Mountain Lion costs today.

iPhone OS 3.0

This release brought quite a lot of features we take for granted today. Cut, copy and paste for example was not available before 3.0 The Voice Memos app was also included in the update, while turn by turn navigation was also added.

iOS 4.0

This was when the name change was announced, and to go along with that was a brand new release packed with new features. Multitasking made a huge difference to users, while Facetime allowed easy face to face communication over WiFi. iBooks and iAd support was also included for the first time.

iOS 5.0

The version that was current until today. Messages was added to compete with Blackberry’s BBM feature, while Reminders was added as a neat way to never forget things. Notification Center was also added, allowing users to find all the latest in one place, while Game Center really brought iOS into the gaming world. Finally, iCloud integration was added  as well as Newsstand to get the latest papers and magazines on your iDevice.

iOS 6.0

The latest release. For all the info, check this out.