No New Apple “TV Product” in 2012

No New Apple “TV Product” in 2012

A report by Bloomberg today says that Apple will not be releasing a new “TV product” this year, as negotiations with media companies have not worked out, and are slowing Apple’s plans.


The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Apple is working a new set-top box offering access to live and on-demand television content, but a timeframe for a release of the product was not given at that time. Apple has also been said to be working on its own television set, but apparently neither product will be making an appearance in the relatively near future.

Apple is competing with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to make the television the digital hub in households. The industry is projected to reach $200 billion worldwide by 2017. The candidate that expects to win must first make deals with media companies and/or cable providers who currently see little incentive to give access to their valuable revenue streams.

Negotiations between Apple and the media companies have reportedly hung up over the software interface for any new television product that might come from Apple. Cable companies want to have control over the software. Another point of contention is whether Apple would sell a new set-top box directly to consumers, or if the device would be distributed by the cable companies.

Apple has reportedly been talking with cable companies since the 2007 debut of the original Apple TV, but talks have repeatedly hung up over various issues.