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Ooomf: Think of it as “Pinterest for Apps”

Ooomf: Think of it as “Pinterest for Apps”

What’s the worst way to find apps on the App Store? Looking on the App Store! Searching is a pain in the ass, and the only way you have a prayer of finding an app is if it’s in one of the charts, or you know its exact name. How do you find new and interesting apps to explore? Enter Ooomf.

Cult of Mac:

In some ways you can think of Ooomf as a kind of “Pinterest for apps.” Users can build catalog of apps that follow a particular theme, and share catalogs with other users. Founder Mikael Cho says if you ”identify as a creative, or a traveling nomad, or a hustling innovator, and we have different apps in each category, but the entire idea is to be a part of the whole life cycle of an app, from idea to creation.”

While there are some websites out there that focus on discovering new apps, (and of course, you can always come to MacTrast for the coverage on the latest new apps), only Ooomf offers a set of tools for both developers and app users, to allow them to find or promote new apps and current content.

Ooomf provides tools that developers can use to create a homepage for their app within minutes and use it as part of their App Store submission process. It also allows them to promote upcoming apps with “coming soon” types of announcements.

On the other end of the concept, users can pitch app ideas to developers, and then even vote on features as to whether they should, or shouldn’t make it into the final product.

Ooomf is an interesting concept, and I’ll be keeping my eye on it to see how it moves forward, and hopefully develops into a tool that’s useful to both developers and end users.

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