Get it Now! Rare Newton-Based Siemens NotePhone is Now on eBay!

Get it Now! Rare Newton-Based Siemens NotePhone is Now on eBay!

If you are a serious collector, or connoisseur of Apple historical items, then zip on over to eBay. They have an extremely rare Siemens NotePhone up for auction. The NotePhone was sold in Europe in 1994 for a very short time.


The NotePhone was essentially a modular speakerphone for office use that contained a fax modem and a Newton MessagePad 100 for taking notes, entering appointments and prepping faxed notes for sending. The Newton has the Siemens brand on it, not the familiar Apple logo. At the time the NotePhone was introduced, the price tag was around DM2,400 — about US$1,000.

The report says there was apparently a prototype based on the MessagePad 2000/2100 that appeared a few years later, but there’s no evidence that the later model was ever released.

The last time one of these puppies showed up on eBay was 2004, so if you want it, you’d better hie on over to eBay and place a bid! At the time of this article, the high bid was sitting at $440.00.

Oh, and it’ll help if you speak German, as the Newton is localized for the German language.

Have fun bidding!


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