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Samsung Facebook Post Backfires, Turns Out Everyone Wants An iPhone

Samsung Facebook Post Backfires, Turns Out Everyone Wants An iPhone

Samsung’s marketing, specifically against Apple, has been very questionable indeed, so it’s amusing to see it sometimes go wrong. The Korean company posted a question on Facebook: if you could only take one electronical device to a desert island what would it be? However the answer wasn’t what it expected: the iPhone 5 (via Cult of Mac).

It’s pretty embarrassing for Samsung, and it hasn’t yet been taken down, but that has to go down as a marketing FAIL.

  1. Tom Bechtel says:

    LOL! Serves them right. HA!

  2. Aidan Taylor says:

    Kinda a fail for the people because there so pulled in by apples shit that they want to take a phone they dont even know is good to an island.

    1. J Lancaster says:

      wow. how long did it take you come up with that one? Were you thinking of going with “you’re a doo doo head” next?

      1. Aidan Taylor says:

        I was thinking more of “you’re a poop”

  3. Ferhan Ture says:

    the fact that these Apple fanboys go to Samsung Mobile’s Facebook regular enough to respond to this ad in minutes…

    1. So what the hell are YOU exactly doing in an Apple page? oh, yeah the same thing. sorry/

      1. Ferhan Ture says:

        I am a tech enthusiast, so I read articles written from all perspectives and join useful discussions. I don’t run around Facebook pages and tell them I’m buying some other phone, though… and I didn’t like the Samsung ad either.

    2. Summit_Rider says:

      not really. I saw it as a promoted post as it appears from networks and friends’s shared feed, likes, or else yo name it

  4. When a cheap company has to resort to Attacking its competitor directly, it show how desperate they really are. No honor, no dignity. Then you get something like this…

    1. Aidan Taylor says:

      Didn’t apple do this by suing them? Or by attacking Microsoft directly via Mac vs PC adverts?

      Guess they got no honor or dignity either.

  5. MRonin says:

    Now that’s comedy right there. I think Samsung’s marketing department needs to change names to the “department of failed advertising and moronic marketing stunts”, it fits them better.

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