Comparing The New iPhone 5 to its Android and Windows Phone Competition

Comparing The New iPhone 5 to its Android and Windows Phone Competition

With the iPhone 5, Apple has addressed most of the issues where its Android competitors were believed to hold an advantage: a larger display, 4G LTE, a better camera? It’s all there for you now. But as Apple has worked to improve the iPhone, their competitors haven’t exactly been standing still. How does the 5 stack up against its rivals now?

The Verge:

The most obvious upgrade from prior iPhone models is that new display. The 4-inch Retina panel is an appreciable upgrade over Apple’s old hardware, but doesn’t measure up to the monstrous screens found on some competing devices. Whether that’s a good or bad thing will vary between users; if you’re looking for maximum screen real estate, you may still gravitate toward a Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, or the upcoming Lumia 920.  

Apple has addressed one issue that plagued them with the iPhone 4 and 4S, shattered rear facing glass cases. The unibody aluminum shell on the iPhone 5 should help solve that issue. Also, Apple has described the iPhone 5 as its thinnest and lightest phone ever. In the dimensions game, the iPhone wins.

Camera performance has always been an Apple priority, and the 5 is no exception. With an 8 megapixel sensor behind a hardened sapphire crystal lens, Apple says the new iPhone offers faster shooting and better low light performance. How does it compare to the PureView camera in Nokia’s Lumia line, or the optics offered by the Galaxy S III? It won’t be known until they’re tested head-to-head. Let’s just say that like it’s recent relatives, it can replace a traditional point-and-shoot camera.

How about Apple’s new A6 chip which powers the 5? Apple says it offers twice the graphics performance of it’s predecessor. Android devices have been catching up in this department, with powerful chips form companies like Nvidia. But one point still in favor when it comes to deciding on which device makes the best gaming platform has to come down to the library of games and app available. Apple scores again.

Pricing doesn’t come into play much when deciding on your choice of phone. Most of the comparable phones are priced along the same lines as the iPhone. Sure, there are discounts and “twofers” available for Android devices, but for suggested retail, it’s pretty much a wash.

It’s up to you, the consumer, who ya gonna take? The iPhone, or one of its numerous foes.

For a more detailed look at the features of the iPhone 5, and its competitors, check out the excellent chart over at The Verge.

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