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Skitch Updated With Features Restored; Version 1.0 Made Available Again

Skitch Updated With Features Restored; Version 1.0 Made Available Again

Earlier this week, Evernote released Skitch 2.0 – their first major update to the popular Skitch screen capture and sharing tool since acquiring Skitch earlier this year. A lot of people weren’t happy with the update, however. The app’s rating on the Mac App Store quickly took a dive to 1 star, and long-time fans of the app were very disappointed.

One of the biggest complaints about Skitch 2.0 is that a lot of features – such a keyboard shortcuts and various options and settings – had been removed. Today, Evernote responded, noting that they listened to those complaints, and have now released Skitch 2.0.1, which adds back many of the lost features.

We’ve been listening closely to all of the great feedback and suggestions from the community since last week’s launch of the redesigned Skitch 2.0 for Mac. For our first update (2.0.1), we made sure to incorporate as many of those requests as possible.

Here’s a full list of those changes from the Mac App St0re change log:

What’s New in Version 2.0.1

• Easily select the file type for your image next to the Drag Me tab
• New keyboard shortcut: Share and Copy Shared URL – Command + /
• Faster Screen Snap process
• Hold down the Option key while drawing an arrow to reverse its direction
• Clarified Auto Save and Sync preferences with options to save every time, never prompt, or prompt for save
every time, never, or prompt for save
• Improved Screen Snap when in fullscreen mode
• Flip or rotate your image
• Select multiple items in the library for deletion by holding down shift key
• Numerous bug fixes

While the company has added back many lost features, the update still won’t be enough for some loyal users of the app – and it’s still missing some of the original features, such as the ability to minimize the app to the menu bar rather than the dock.

For users who (like me) aren’t satisfied, Evernote has also made version 1.0.12 available for download again. It’s unfortunate that Evernote wasn’t able to release a more satisfying update in the first place, but it is refreshing to see that they’re listening to feedback!

Skitch 2.0.1 is available now as a free download from the Mac App Store, and version 1.0.12 is available as a direct download through Evernote’s website.

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