What Laptops Looked Like Before and After the MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

What Laptops Looked Like Before and After the MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

People love copying Apple’s products. It’s pretty much undeniable, and there are dozens of examples spanning practically Apple’s entire history. But it’s not just the iPhone and iPad today’s companies are ripping off: The MacBook Air is a prime target too!

We’ve already showed you what smartphones looked like before and after the iPhone, and what tablets looked like before and after the iPad. As shared by John Gruber on Daring Fireball, this is what laptops looked like before and after the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air!

Laptops Before the MacBook Air

Laptops After the MacBook Air

Pretty much speaks for itself. I wonder how things would be if Apple’s competitors actually tried to innovate rather than imitate?


  1. Carlos Sariñana says:

    You’re comparing laptops to ultrabooks. They’re supposed to be thin, and components are selected to fit that. Besides, the only thing I can find in them that reminds me of a MBA is the color (and not all), which of course was selected to go with the intentions of the article. Sad.

    1. An aluminum laptop with black chicklet keys. Nobody did that before Apple.

      1. Bam says:

        NO! A BLACK KEYBOARD?! APPLE MUST SUE THEM RIGHT AWAY! You lost another reader/follower.

      2. Aidan Taylor says:

        Hmm so a black back-lit keyboard? Wait i had one on my nokia brick oh and my 2005 acer aspire?

  2. Phil says:

    Yea this article is hilariously unprofessional. All you’ve succeeded in doing is proving your utter Apple fanboyism. Also, Apple’s competitors are innovating when compare to Apple if you ask me, and they do so by providing the same components in their computers without insanely overcharging for a dumb apple logo.

    This writer is a joke and so is this fanboy site. And as others have said, ultra book does not equal laptop, and I promise you Apple wasn’t the first to think of the ultra book concept. So again, you just come off sounding stupid. Great job.

  3. TheGargoyle says:

    It might be easy for people to come out and say Apple don’t own the color silver and black keyboard. But all those companies could have design Ultrabook in a different way. Hello, a keyboard not in black? A shell not in silver? A different keyboard layout?
    But no, they have to design it in a way that, with so many possible variation and components to assemble differently, just reminds you of a Macbook Air.
    How many times have you seen an ad featuring those laptop from afar and the first 0.5 second you thought it is a MBA, only to realise it’s an Ultrabook?
    Not all companies are like that. I think Sony and Razer Blade are doing a good job and having their own designs.
    Funny how people keep saying others are Apple fanboys while they would just jump at any chances, without objective analysis, to post hate comments against anything Apple.
    Haters gonna hate.

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