Apple Officially Shuts Down Ping Social Network

Apple Officially Shuts Down Ping Social Network

As we previously reported would happen, MacRumors reports that Apple has now officially shut down their Ping music-related social networking service. The service never took off the way Apple apparently expected, and last night, September 30th, Ping officially vanished into the sunset, and its menu item no longer appears in the most recent version of iTunes.

While Ping has met its end, Apple may well replace the social element of iTunes with Twitter or Facebook integration in an upcoming version of iTunes. Apple is expected to release a major revamp to iTunes sometime this month, which they announced at the recent iPhone 5 launch event.


  1. MRonin says:

    Ping was ok, but so far no social music service has really found the secret sauce. I don’t know what the core issue is but thus far I haven’t found any of them that have been to my liking at all for one reason or another.

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