Why Windows 8 Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster (Video)

Why Windows 8 Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster (Video)

What Microsoft doesn’t realise is just how much Windows 8 is going to backfire. They’ve gone through the entire design and developer process being completely oblivious, and if we go by the sample of people in this video, it’s going to be a disaster.

Chris Pirillo asks a selection of people on the street to try and shut down a Windows 8 machine. And the result is pretty funny. Take a look!

You might say that it’s feature for a piece of Windows software that restores the Start menu so making it look as confusing as possible was the intention, but you’d be wrong.

When Chris got his Dad to try it out, it was equally catastrophic (as you can see), and that was definitely not sponsored in any way.

Microsoft has committed the cardinal sin – completely changing all of the familiar aspects that people will recognize about Windows, and trying to have one OS for many different types of devices. That’s never going to end well.

  1. NY techie says:

    just like jumping from windows 3.1 to windows 95, there’s bound to be a learning curve. yet once it started there’s no going back! i look forward to the new ecosystem to unify my life!

  2. Pirillo is acting like an idiot. Rather than helping people transition to the new era of computing he hinders them. What kind of geek is that? Lost my respect.

  3. Orisons says:

    Oh my….. Looks as though this could be interesting, unsure if that is good interesting or bad

  4. AtheistLibertarian says:

    Solution: buy a Mac. Problem solved for ever. The truth is, millions will choose this solution over gagging on ‘metro’

  5. Yendor Yaes says:

    It’s called “change” you idiots!! Ask anyone that first used a computer how to shut down a computer and I promise you they couldn’t do it. Times are changing and you must learn to move with it. If we followed Chris’s perspective, we would still be mailing people letters in the mail. What a douche.

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