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iFixit Pops Open The New iPod nano For a Look-See

iFixit Pops Open The New iPod nano For a Look-See

Solutions provider iFixit, who just loves to buy stuff and pop them open to see what makes them tick, has just done a teardown analysis for the 7th-generation iPod nano. Let’s see what they found inside the newly svelte device from Apple.

First off, if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of user, you might as well forget being able to service this thing yourself. Not unusual for an Apple product, but just thought we’d mention that up front. Internal parts, such as the battery, Lightning connector, button cable, and the headphone jack are all soldered into the logic board, and quite a few other parts are glued in.

iFixit gives the iPod nano a score of five on its repairability scale of 1 to 10, which is lower than the iPhone 5’s score of 7 out of 10.

iDownloadBlog notes that several Apple-branded chips are present in the device, functions currently unknown. The chips are labeled 75203 23017, 75292 98820, 339S0193, Apple 338S1099 and Apple 338S1146.

Flash storage in the device is the 16 gigabyte Toshiba THGBX2G7D2JLA01 NAND module, while Bluetooth and FM radio functions are handled by the Broadcom BCM2078KUBG. The touchscreen controller comes from the Texas Instruments (343S0538), in addition to a NXP Semiconductors 1609A1 module.

Power is supplied by a 3.7V, 0.8Wh, 220mAh battery, which is more than twice that of the previous nano’s 0.39Wh rating.

The device carries a model number of A1446, is available in seven colors and comes with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

Complete details about the teardown is available on the iFixit website.