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iPad Mini to be WiFi-only, Launch Alongside Updated iPad 3?

iPad Mini to be WiFi-only, Launch Alongside Updated iPad 3?

As anticipation builds for Apple’s long-awaited iPad Mini, The Guardian claims to provide new details about the device. According to their sources, the iPad Mini will be WiFi only at launch, with no cellular data option, in order for Apple to keep pricing for the device as low as possible. It will also launch alongside an updated version of the 3rd-gen iPad.

The Guardian:

Apple‘s expected “iPad mini” will only come in a Wi-Fi version – but there will also be a revised version of the iPad with 4G connectivity compatible with the UK’s Everything Everywhere network, and sporting the new “Lightning” connector, industry sources have told the Guardian.

According to the report, the revised 3rd-gen iPad will include Apple’s new Lightning connector, as well as improved 4G LTE support that will work with the Everything Everywhere network in the U.K. It’s not surprising that the iPad Mini won’t include cellular data (it’s a budget entry-level device, after all),  although it does contradict some fairly convincing part leaks showing a 3G iPad Mini. It’s also possible that a 3G version will be released at a later time.

The idea of an updated iPad 3 being released ahead of a presumably much more significantly 4th-gen iPad is a bit bizarre, despite the fact that it has been reported frequently by a number of relatively credible sources. It does make some degree of sense, however – especially if Apple rolls out the update silently, replacing the current 3rd-gen iPad on shelves with minimal fanfare. Apple’s likely anxious to eliminate the now obsolete 30-pin dock connector from all of their current products.

The iPad mini is expected to be as thin as an iPod touch, and feature a narrow bezel, and is expected to be launched in October, with media invites rumored to be sent out any time now (maybe even today!) for the launch event. Apple has reportedly already ordered 10 million iPad Minis tor the first few months of sales.

The device is expected to sell for between $200 and $300 (12), and will likely resemble a smaller version of the iPad 2. Check out our iPad Mini tag for all the latest news and rumors!