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New Price List Hints iPad mini Will Start At $329

New Price List Hints iPad mini Will Start At $329

We’ve already seen one leaked price list that suggests that iPad mini pricing will start at $249, however here’s another price list that tells a different story. 9to5Mac reports that sources have stated that the iPad mini will start at $329, with the top of the range model costing a considerable $659.

9to5Mac does emphasise that it is only a ‘likely’ price list based on what the source said, and it certainly is very different to other price suggestions we have seen.


Two higher capacities of the smaller iPad will be available in the WiFi-only configuration. These will likely be priced at $100 premiums over each other at a minimum of $429 and $529.

It is possible that this base price for the smaller iPad could be higher, but our best guess is $329.

Apple’s smaller iPad will also come in a version that connects to cellular networks. Like the third-generation iPad, these models will come at a $130 premium over their corresponding storage capacity in the WiFi-only line.

If this is indeed true, I expect many will be priced out, considering that competitors have their tablets in the $200 to $250 range. Having said that, pricing starting over $300 would surprise me – although it’s possible that the higher pricing could mean Apple is adding a Retina display, rather than keeping the 1024 x 768 resolution of the iPad 1.

$329 would price it very close to an iPad 2, furthermore, you wouldn’t be able to class it in the same price category as the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, which are the devices Apple is targeting.

The iPad mini is expected to be as thin as an iPod touch, and feature a narrow bezel. The device is expected to sell for between $200 and $300 (12), and will likely resemble a smaller version of the iPad 2. Apple has reportedly already ordered 10 million iPad Minis tor the first few months of sales.

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