New Mac Minis Released, Shipping Today

New Mac Minis Released, Shipping Today

Apple has just announced a new Mac Mini lineup, and while the design is the same, the inside is all different. Packing i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge processors, it comes with a max of 16GB of RAM (standard config 4GB) as well as a 500GB hard drive.

It will cost $599 for the entry version, while the Server configuration will cost $999 and ships with Mountain Lion Server and specific apps.

The hard drive can also be a Fusion Drive for an extra $200: a new technology  that combines both the capabilities of a traditional hard drive and flash storage, giving you both speed and size.

Intel Graphics 4000 also feature in the new devices, while more importantly Thunderbolt and USB 3 I/O have been added. You can order from today via the Apple Online Store, however custom configurations will take longer to arrive.

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