Rebound in U.S. Office Space Development Credited to Apple, Other Tech Companies

Rebound in U.S. Office Space Development Credited to Apple, Other Tech Companies

The rebound in construction of new office space in the United States is being credited to technology companies such as Apple. The iOS device maker is preparing to build an ambitiously large new corporate headquarters in Cupertino, while building new operational facilities around the country.


Apple is joined by Facebook and Amazon in a profile on U.S. office development published on Friday by Bloomberg. It revealed that expansion by those technology companies has helped construction on new office space in the U.S. rebound from its lowest point in more than five decades.

While default rates on construction mortgages have steadily declined from their 2010 high, the true beginnings of a rebound are in sight, due to construction project such as Apple’s 175 acre “spaceship” campus currently under development. The facility will contain 2.8 million square feet of office space, and can comfortably contain more than 12,000 employees.

Apple is also in the midst of working on it’s first stage of the its new 700,000 square foot data center in Prineville, Oregon. It was revealed on Friday that construction has begun on the first phase of the project.

As Apple’s expansion continues, other technology companies are also moving forward with their construction plans. Facebook is planning expansion at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters, planning to add a single-story, 430,000 square foot building.

Amazon has said it also plans to begin construction on a new building in 2013, the first of three. Taken together, they will add 3 million square feet of space to the online retailer’s resources.