Review: Blob Frenzy – The Match 3 Game With a Twist!

Review: Blob Frenzy – The Match 3 Game With a Twist!

I’d bet almost every “casual gamer” has played a “bedazzling” game where they swap pieces around on the board to match 3 or more of the multi-colored pieces to eliminate them and score points. Well, here’s another entry in the match 3 sweepstakes, but it doesn’t feature the same old gameplay, it offers a twist on the theme. Welcome to Blob Frenzy from developer mysemo.


The object of the game should be familiar to many game players. The playing field is full of blobs , the object of the game is to get rid of them. You do that by lining up at least 3 blobs of the same type (color). When you do, the blobs disappear, other blobs fall into their place, and still more blobs appear to fill in any empty spots at the top. Simple, right? Sure, but you’ve only got one minute to clear as many blobs as you can.

The way you line up blobs of the same color is to tap on one blob, then tap on a neighboring blob. The two blobs will swap places, and if your swap causes at least 3 blobs of the same color to be connected, POOF! they disappear! Line up more than 3 blobs at once, and you’ll get special objects you can use to clear a whole row, or a whole row and column at once, and create explosions (you can chain them if you’re good). If you see an angry blob, tap him, it causes all the blobs of that color to disappear!

You can also pick up halos, (these are important, they help you buy different abilities.) Get enough halos and you can buy special abilities that will help your burst more blobs. Abilities include “Scramble”, which changes one type of blob to another every few seconds, “Time Warp”, adds 3 seconds to the end of the game,  “Multiplier”, adds to the score as you play, and many more!

All of these add an extra dimension to the common match 3 type of game we’re all used to. You can buy these abilities, or energy packs in the “Store” using halos, and you can buy halos using real money, or get free halos for watching a video. (Or so the game claims. Every time I tried to watch a video, the game would bomb out and I had to start over again.)


Blob Frenzy is worth the download. If you like “match 3” types of games, you’re going to like this one. And even gamers who don’t really get into this type of a game should download it. It’s free, and the extra added options and features available while playing the game make it a refreshing change from the normal game of this type.

The Facebook and Game Center connections in the game allow you to compete with friends and complete strangers from all over. It’s a great game to occupy a few minutes, or a few hours. Give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

The game is a universal app, and runs optimized for both the iPhone and iPad.

Price: FREE – Available in the App Store – (Direct Link)


  • Great gameplay, lots of options, enough to keep the gameplay fresh through multiple play sessions.
  • Uses the longer screen of the iPhone 5. It’s great to see a game use the extra real estate.


  • Every time I tried to watch a video to get free halos, the app would bomb out.