Review: Gibbets 2 – An Addicting Physics-Based Puzzler

Review: Gibbets 2 – An Addicting Physics-Based Puzzler

Many popular games on the internet often find their way over to a native iOS app. Some are good, and some are worth skimming over. Gibbets 2 is neither; it’s great! This physics-based arcade puzzler will definitely have you addicted.


Gibbets 2 is the classic game where you shoot arrows to save the hangmen from dying. It takes on the classic level-unlocking gameplay that many apps have chosen to adopt. As you progress throughout the game, the levels get harder. More hangmen need to be saved and there are obstacles to avoid like cows and spinning windmills. Extra incentives are also thrown in like more arrows and various amounts of bonus points. This keeps the game really fresh and enjoyable.

There are three game modes; easy, normal, and hard. The easy will give you enough arrows for a newbie to make it through and have the hangmen live longer, giving you more time to complete the level. The normal mode gives you a “medium number of arrows” and the hangmen die at “normal speed”. The hard mode is, well, hard giving you a limited number of arrows and the hangmen die very quickly.

You don’t have all the time in the world to save the hangmen, so you have to do it fast! Depending on what game mode and level you are on, you have a set amount of to save the hangmen. The time is displayed next to each hangmen. An animating green health bar quickly drains to red as the level goes on. If you happen to miss the rope with the arrow to cut the hangmen free and you hit the hangmen instead, the health bar will drain even more quickly.

Gibbets 2 also has fun bonus levels that you come up after every 5 regular levels are completed. These bonus levels could honestly be a whole separate game in and of itself. A limited number of arrows is given to shoot as many birds as you can before time runs out. It’s a nice touch.

The one downfall to this game is the simple fact that it does not yet have iPhone 5 support  for the new display. I understand that there are a lot of graphics to update and code to change around for a game like this, but really it should have support. The game would a lot better if it did setting that on some levels you have to scroll across the screen.


The controls are simple, but can be tricky at times. There is a bow and arrow on the screen. All you have to do is horizontally across the screen to control the speed and angle of the arrow. If the bow is in the middle of the screen, I found it to be fairly easy to control. However, if it is positioned in one of the lower corners, I found that it was harder to control the angle of the bow since my finger slid off the screen. It’s something to get used to.


Gibbets 2 truly has great graphics that are all optimized for the retina display, as all new apps should be. The hangmen are constantly in motion, bonus points are bouncing, clouds are moving, and the sun is always shining bright. The background scenery really adds to the overall gameplay, as it makes the game a lot more interesting. There’s always something to look at.

Verdict [rating=4/5]

Gibbet 2 is a challenging, yet fun physics-based puzzler game. I’ve found myself playing it to pass time. Once you pick it up, it’s hard to put down. Like I said, there are plenty of features during throughout levels keeping it and exciting.

The graphics are great, controls are good, and there are little to no cons about the game. For $0.99, it’s definitely worth picking up. You can even download the free version, decide if you like it (you will), and then go ahead and spend the $0.99. Definitely worth it!

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  • Smooth gameplay
  • Game physics are flawless
  • Facebook integration
  • Plenty of achievements via Game Center


  • No iPhone 5 support
  • Controls can be tricky on certain levels