Review: Outin for iOS – A New Kind of Photo Sharing App

Review: Outin for iOS – A New Kind of Photo Sharing App

If there is one thing that everyone to ever opened the App Store has seen, it’s a photo sharing app.  Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all popular destinations for sharing photos, and are 3 of the most popular apps for iPhone users around the world.  While these are great ways to share with a set group of followers or friends, you rarely get to experience randomly great photographic work.  Outin for iOS turns the standard photo sharing experience on it’s head, and creates a unique new way to share photos around the globe.


Outin (free for iPhone and iPod touch)  is an entirely new way to share pictures to places around the world.  Instead of sharing with a select circle of friends or followers, Outin uses your location to show you photos, shared by others around you, or to your location.  Unlike many other apps, though, there is an interesting twist to how the images are shared.

Using Outin’s collection of Instagram-inspired filters (vintage is totally in right now), users can snap creative and artistic photos wherever they go.  Once you have the perfect photo, you can caption it, tag your location, and share it to your current location.  Using your iPhones location, other Outin users in your near proximity can see your shared photo, no friend requests or other hassle involved.

Outin also allows you to share your photo with other parts of the world by letting your “throw” your image into another location.  This is done by shaking or making a throwing motion with your iPhone (CAUTION: please do not actually throw your iPhone).  The photo is then launched around the globe to another location for anyone in that area to enjoy.  Where the images will land is entirely up to chance and the force behind the toss.


Browsing photos becomes very interesting, as well.  Outin features two unique browsing modes, one for each of the sharing methods.  These browsing modes are what give Outin it’s name.  The “Out” mode allows you to view other pics thrown out from a place near you.  The “In” mode will let you see photographs thrown to places near you from around the world.  This makes viewing images truly unique.  Instead of sitting at Starbucks and seeing photos tagged at the coffee shop, you can enjoy photos from the Burj Khalifa or the Eiffel Tower, thrown from Dubai or Paris.  It’s a truly new way to see photography from around the world, without ever needing to leave town.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

Outin is an exotic flower in the stagnant photo sharing landscape of the iOS App Store.  It truly gives a new meaning to photo sharing, with its ingenious photo throwing element.  While adjusting to the new way to view photos can be jarring at first, the experience of seeing artistic imagery from around the world makes Outin a fun and enjoyable application.


  • World-wide photo sharing
  • Unique photo throwing experience
  • Simple navigation
  • Ability to view other Outin users photo library


  • More square, vintage photo app
  • Small user base

Outin for iPhone & iPod touch, free in the iOS App Store