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65% of US Mobile Web Traffic Comes From iOS Devices

65% of US Mobile Web Traffic Comes From iOS Devices

Chitika has gathered the data from its 200,000 mobile websites, and their 4 billion ads to come up with their latest report on mobile web traffic. The mobile advertising firm releases their studies every few months or so to give insight into the mobile devices being used to access the web.


Surprise. According to the latest numbers, which come from data pulled between September and October, Apple’s iOS devices are still very much ahead of Samsung and other competitors. In fact, they account for more than 65% of the mobile web traffic in North America…

Apple’s share of mobile traffic has gone up nearly 6% over the last two months. It’s total share now sits at 65.38%. This is most likely because of the release of new mobile device from the company, such as their new iPhone 5, and new iPod touch. (It will be interesting to see how the release of the iPad mini will affect the stats in a few months.)

The jump for Apple took its toll on other manufacturers, with Samsung taking the biggest hit, with a drop from 14.28% in September to 11.86% in October. Interestingly enough, RIM’s share of mobile web browsing actually rose 1% during the same time period.

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