Apple CEO Tim Cook Named ‘Most Powerful Person in U.S. Wireless’

Apple CEO Tim Cook Named ‘Most Powerful Person in U.S. Wireless’

FierceWireless just posted their annual list of the top 25 most powerful people in the U.S. wireless industry. And of all of the CEO’s, from all of the companies they chose Apple CEO Tim Cook as number one on the list.


FierceWireless says that this list is a compilation of people who they think are the innovators and leaders in the US wireless industry. They took into account several things including influence, business savvy, leadership and technical expertise.

Notables on the list this year include Jack Dorsey of Square and Twitter, coming in under the gun at #24, Thorsten Heines of RIM at #23, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia grabbed the 21st position, and Peter Chou of HTC made the 20th spot.

The top 10 saw JK (We won’t settle) Shin, president of Samsung Mobile popping up at #8, with Jeff Bezos of Amazon at 7.

The top two selections may cause some heated discussion amongst industry observers, as Google’s CEO Larry Page was ranked at #2 behind Cook. Some would argue that since Google’s Android currently owns the mobile market, Page should be ranked in the top spot.

Others would argue that Apple has the biggest influence in the mobile market, as last quarter saw Sprint, who was bleeding customers before getting the iPhone, report its best Q3 postpaid churn ever. The same period saw T-Mobile, who is still sans iPhone, cite the lack of the iPhone 5 as a major factor in the loss of 500,000 subscribers.

What do you think readers? Does Tim Cook belong on top?