Apple has Almost Caught up With iPhone 5 Demand

Apple has Almost Caught up With iPhone 5 Demand

We told you yesterday that iPhone 5 ship times were improving, and now comes word that supply of the coveted devices is also improving in the Apple retail stores. Just in time for the holidays! YAY!


Gene Munster and his team at Piper Jaffray have continued their nightly checks of 100 Apple Stores. They found that supply of AT&T and Verizon models has “significantly improved,” while Sprint units remain readily available.

Munster says that as the holiday nears, consumers should likely be able to walk into a Apple Store and be able to readily purchase an iPhone 5.

Checks of Apple Store’s Tuesday night showed “dramatic improvements in availability,” as the AT&T model was available at 82% of stores checked, with the Verizon model showing as available at 72% of the stores. The Sprint iPhone 5 was in stock at 92% of stores.

It looks like Apple’s production partner is slowly but surely getting the hang of assembling the “most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled.”