Apple Says Your iPad mini Will be Home by Christmas

Apple Says Your iPad mini Will be Home by Christmas

Apple is promising they’ll have your iPad mini to you by Christmas if you place the order by midnight December 5th.


A lot of kids’ faces in the U.S. are gonna light up after unwrapping their Christmas gift. Over in the United Kingdom, however, shoppers must order the gadget by midnight today, or by December 4 in Canada. Apple’s also sweetening the deal with free shipping and laser engraving. Hopefully, Santa won’t say you’ve been a naughty boy…

Sure, since there’s a 2-week shipping estimate on the site for iPad minis, anyway, it’s not a stretch for Apple to promise one to your doorstep by Christmas. But, it’s a good piece of marketing. It might remove one excuse from the list of excuses of those who were sitting on the fence about ordering a mini. “Well, if they can get it here by Christmas, maybe little Johnny really does deserve an iPad mini!”

Let’s just hope that the elves at Foxconn’s North Pole factory can keep up with the demand without feeling too much stress. An elf with a hot chocolate drinking problem is not a pretty sight!