OS X Snow Leopard Returns to Apple Store

OS X Snow Leopard Returns to Apple Store

Apple is once again offering OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in its online store (US Store) (UK Store). The operating system, which many users of older Macs found that they needed after upgrading their iOS devices to iOS 6, is available for $19.99.


Snow Leopard was pulled from Appleā€™s site after Mountain Lion was launched earlier this year, however, following the launch of iOS 6 in September it emerged that iOS 6 required iTunes 10.6, which required Snow Leopard.

As reported at the time of the 1OS 6 launch, users found that after updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS 6, their device was incompatible with the version of iTunes they were running on their Mac. Some users were running a version of OS X earlier than Snow Leopard, so it was impossible to update to the compatible version of iTunes.

Snow Leopard is also the only way for users of newer Macs that are still running OS X Leopard, (you 3 know who you are), to take advantage of the Mac App Store, the only way to upgrade to any OS newer than Snow Leopard.