Apple Unveils One More Thing Before Christmas…

Apple Unveils One More Thing Before Christmas…

But there is one more thing…

You know, we’ve launched a few revolutionary products in our history. The Macintosh, the iPod, and the iPad all revolutionised each respective industry. The iTunes store changed the way we consumed and listened to music, while the App Store did the same for how we used smartphones.

But now, we’ve got another revolutionary product of this class. We looked back and thought, let’s think different. What can we change, what can we do that will really make a difference like with our previous landmark products? Well, we’ve got the answer. We think.

Every year, Christmas comes around, and for over a century, we’ve been going by the same traditions. Santa, christmas trees, turkey and wreaths. So we decided it was here we wanted to make a difference. Specifically, to the latter: wreaths.

These things have been going up on doors for generations, but it’s time for a change. So today, we’re introducing iWreath: the ultimate Christmas decoration for your home.

Photo taken at City Creek Apple Store in SLC, Utah

What is iWreath? iWreath is extraordinary. It combines the build quality that goes into the Apple products we all know and love with the Christmas spirit and a brand new design.

It’s time to do away with legacy technologies: Christmas tree branches? Yuck. They don’t keep, they can be prickly, and in the long term it’s a poor investment. Pine cones? No thanks. They’re sticky, bulky, and make the wreath awkward to hang.

So we turned to what we do best. iPads. iPhones. iPods. They would be perfect components.

iPads: great build quality, and with Smart Covers provide an interesting texture. The A6X chip really gives the wreath a faster look compared to the previous generation.

iPhones: the four inch screen and lightness means that the wreath is easier to hang than any others out there.

iPods: the iPod touch Loop gives you that extra stability for hanging and completely removes the need for string or wire. Just hang it for a rock solid fixing.

Now, pricing. There are several configurations. There are two versions: real and cardboard. The real models start at $15,999 for 32 devices, while the cardboard models start at $99 for 32 devices. Three capacities are available: 32, 48 and 64 devices.

We start shipping the cardboard models today, with the real models coming in December.

We think these are going to be a big hit, and will change the way we do Christmas. Thanks for coming.

(photo taken at City Creek Center Apple Store in SLC, Utah)