Belkin First to the Finish Line to Announce Official Lightning-Enabled Accessories

Belkin First to the Finish Line to Announce Official Lightning-Enabled Accessories

When Apple announced the iPhone 5, with its new Lightning connector, much wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard throughout the land. Users would have to either purchase Lightning to 30-pin adapters, or buy all new Lighting compatible accessories. Belkin hopes you chose the former, because it’s the first company to announce their official Lightning-enabled line of accessories.

The Next Web:

Belkin today launched its new hardwired car charger and ‘Charge + Sync’ dock. The company also committed to rolling out a wider range of Lightning accessories, noting that it will roll out several new products later this year.

The car charger is an updated version of its existing charging accessory. The charger includes a 4-foot Lightning cable, and puts out 10 watts/2.1 amps, includes over-voltage protection, and will sell for $29.99 suggested retail price. The charger is compatible with the iPad 4th generation, iPad mini, iPhone 5, 5th-generation iPod touch, and the 7th-generation iPod nano.

Also announced is their Charge + Sync dock, which offers a foldaway AUX jack, cable channel to hold the cable, a removable magnetic base, and an audio-out port for headphones or speakers. The price is also $29.99, but Belkin says it will only be compatible with the iPhone 5.

Preorders for the accessories are available, and the items will go on sale in stores and on websites in mid-November.


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