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British Airways Plans to Add Passbook Support

British Airways Plans to Add Passbook Support

Apple’s Passbook continues to gain partners, this time in the form of British Airlines. The airline has confirmed it is looking into Passbook support for their ba.com website.


One reader reached out to British Airways about potentially supporting Apple’s Passbook, and they received a response from a company representative. British Airways confirmed that its ba.com team is already looking in to Passbook support.

The representative wrote in his email: “I’m pleased to confirm that the ba.com team are already looking into our website being able to work with the new Apple app, available with the iOS6 upgrade. Please be assured that we will get our Passbook-compatible functionality live on ba.com as soon as we can.”

British Airways offers digital boarding pass functionality through its iOS application, but does not yet offer integration with Passbook.

When Passbook launched as part of iOS 6 back in September, it was announced that Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Australia would be adding support for the feature.

Passbook, Apple’s first take on a digital e-wallet services app, focuses on replacing items such as store store cards, movie and event tickets, boarding passes, and retail coupons.

Passbook has proven to be very satisfactory for one of its early adopters. Major League Baseball offered digital tickets through Passbook for four of its teams near the end of the 2012 season. The league’s digital ticket operation said they were “floored” by the adoption rate for Passbook. Apple’s service accounted for 12% of MLB e-tickets.