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App Store Hits New Milestone – Over 1 Million Approved Apps!

App Store Hits New Milestone – Over 1 Million Approved Apps!

According to an unofficial report from AppsFire – an app promotion and discovery firm – the App Store has now seen (or soon will) 1 million approved apps pass through it after a little over four years in operation.

AppsFire further proke down their app submission figures, stating that around 49% of those apps were paid apps, and only 16% were games. It’s also notable that most of those apps are still in the App Store, as Apple announced during the iPhone 5 announcement event that there were 700,000 apps in the app store at the time. The remainder have presumable either been removed by Apple or the developer.

Following the initial tweet from AppsFire, TheNextWeb has now confirmed that the milestone has indeed been reached (emphasis added):

Today, Apple (unofficially) will be celebrating another important App Store milestone — there have now been 1 million apps submitted to its marketplace since July 2008, according to App Store discovery company Appsfire.

Ouriel Ohayon, co-founder of Appsfire, provided some details of how the App Store sits today. […] The app count includes iOS apps only and doesn’t account for Mac App Store apps. […] Appsfire first announced the milestone was close in a tweet, but The Next Web can confirm it has now been reached.

The AppsFire figures are pretty interesting, especially considering the time period between Apple’s “700,000 apps” announcement and today, and represent a pretty impressive milestone in App Store history.

Keep submitting those apps, developers – we could hit the 2 million app milestone sooner that you think!


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