iPad 4 and iPad mini Already Jailbroken

iPad 4 and iPad mini Already Jailbroken

Around 24 hours after the iPad mini and 4th-gen iPhone were released on Friday, a pair of well-known jailbreak hackers have already managed to jailbreak the devices. The 4th-gen iPad came first, with iOS hacker chpwn sharing an image on Twitter showing Cydia running on the device.

Later, jailbreak dev MuscleNerd tweeted that the jailbreak discovered by chpwn also works for the iPad mini. These jailbreaks are only preliminary however. Referred to as “failbreaks”, the jailbreaks shown by the two hackers won’t be released to the public – but they do pave the way for better, more stable jailbreaks to be publicly released in the future.

It’s unclear when any public jailbreak may be released – but progress is progress, and with experienced hackers such as chpwn and MuscleNerd on the case, it’s only a matter of time.

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