iTomb: iRest In Peace

iTomb: iRest In Peace

Death, graves or anything involving the end of your life is something I don’t like to think about, but this reassures me. A stonemason has created a solar powered gravestone with a built in iPad, allowing photos of the deceased to be displayed, The Sun reports.

The combined cost of this would theoretically be over $1500, but Ken Howe, the creator, believes it could become widespread.

People are asking for more creative headstones. With a bit of tinkering it could become a viable headstone very easily.

However ┬áthis would never be able to work: you either cover the iPad touchscreen, meaning it’s just as good as a standard display, or you leave it uncovered, in which case some idiot will come along and check his Facebook on your grave or play Angry Birds. I’d be rolling in my grave personally.

On the upside, you could have some seriously cool messages on your tomb: iDied, Please do not touch the Tombstone. Oh, wait. Actually, do! and many more.