Opening Weekend: Apple Sells Three Million iPads and iPad minis

Opening Weekend: Apple Sells Three Million iPads and iPad minis

Apple announced this morning that it had sold three million iPads since the launch of the 4th-generation iPad and iPad mini on Friday. Apple did not break down the number into separate counts of iPad and iPad mini sales numbers.


Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White has also released a new research report indicating that the iPad mini was completely sold out at 60% of surveyed U.S. Apple retail stores this weekend, with 16 GB models in both colors sold out at 100% of surveyed stores.

“Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. (From the press release.) “We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

The sales number (three million), was double the previous first weekend record, set when the company sold 1.5 million Wi-Fi only 3rd-generation iPads in March. The Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of both the mini and the 4th-generation iPad are expected to ship in a few weeks.

White’s survey showed that of stores that still had some iPad mini stock available, the 16GB model, in both Black & Slate, and White & Silver, were 100% sold out, while 90% of the 32GB in Black & Slate were sold out and 76% of the White & Silver 32GB were sold out. To round out the figure, only 14% of the 64GB of the Black & Slate were sold out at surveyed stores with stock available, and just 10% were sold out for the 64GB White & Silver.

A survey of New York City launch customers found the it was a neck and neck run for popularity between the white and black models, and 53% of customers opted for 16GB models.