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Pixar Renames Main Studio Building in Honor of Steve Jobs

Pixar Renames Main Studio Building in Honor of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is dearly missed by those he influenced – not the least of which is the Pixar Animation Studio, which he purchased in 1986 (then called The Graphics Group). Jobs had a significant hand in Pixar’s computer animation, and now the company has renamed the main building of their studio (which he helped to design) in his honor.

Pixar Times reports (via 9to5Mac):

Steve Jobs is often associated with Apple, but many often forgot that the visionary played a large role in the creation of Pixar. He financed the work at the studio long before it became profitable, pouring millions of his own money into keeping Pixar afloat because he believed in the work of the employees. After his death last year, some wondered how the animation studio would honor him. In the end credits of Brave, there was a brief but touching tribute to Jobs. Now, the Jobs name has a more permanent home on Pixar’s campus – above the main entrance to the studio’s main building.

On Twitter, a Pixar employee shared an image taken by a friend, stating that the building had been named “The Steve Jobs Building.” Peering in through the windows, you can clearly see the outline of Sulley, confirming that this is the main building that Steve Jobs himself played a major role in designing. He came up with the idea that the building should be centered around a large atrium, which would lead to accidental collaboration that may not occur if everyone was stuck in their individual offices.

It’s a beautiful and fitting tribute worthy of Steve Jobs’ influence not only on Pixar, but the entire computer animation industry that the company helped ignite. Thank you, Steve – your influence in numerous industries will continue to be felt for decades to come.