Review: EventiCal – The Fun and Creative Social Calendar

Review: EventiCal – The Fun and Creative Social Calendar

If you’re like me, there’s no way you have time to keep up with all the festivals, concerts, charity events and other happenings going on in your area. Even if I did, the smaller, personal events wouldn’t show up in most newspapers or even other event tracking apps. Enter EventiCal.


EventiCal is a social events calendar that taps into Facebook, the world’s largest social network. It gathers thousands of Facebook events and condenses them into one app. EventiCal then shows you all the events for your area. It also allows you to post your own events for sharing over Facebook and EventiCal.

Once you allow the app to use your Facebook information, it also checks out any events your friends have posted and makes them available to the app’s users.

The app then sorts the events it gleans by your location. Wherever you go, the app can tell you what’s happening nearby, will give you a description of the happening, tell you who is attending the event, display comments by attendees, and show you the location on the map. The app can even add the event to your Google or iPhone calendar.

When you find an interesting event, or even if you decide to start your own, you can use EventiCal to create the event within the application and invite your Facebook friends.


This app is attractive and simple to use. It does a good job of showing you what’s happening around you, and presents it in an attractive, tiles-like interface.

Entering an event is quick and easy to do. A few entries, and the app posts the event for you so all your friends and others can see.

If you want to find out what’s going on around you, give EventiCal a try. It’s free, which is one of my favorite prices. I’ll probably be keeping EventiCal on my iPhone for awhile. As someone who is trying to get his social life back in gear, EventiCal could be a very useful tool.

EventiCal is a Universal App, and works on both the iPhone and iPad. It was reviewed on the iPhone 5


Price: FREE – Available in the App Store. (DIRECT LINK)


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive Interface
  • Uses the longer screen of the iPhone 5


  • In the demo video on the app’s website, it shows the ability to purchase tickets to an event. I couldn’t find this option. It’s possible I just didn’t have the right kind of event in my listings.