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Review: Scrubs – The Popular TV Show is Now a Video Game for iOS

Review: Scrubs – The Popular TV Show is Now a Video Game for iOS

Scrubs was a television show that ran for nine seasons on two networks, and still can be seen in reruns on what seems to be every cable channel in existence. It was obviously a popular TV show, but did it make the transition to an enjoyable iOS game? Let’s check Scrubs the video game out and see if it’s worthy of “operating room” on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


You play a “newbie” intern at the same hospital featured in the Scrubs television show. You interact with all the regulars form the show, JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Cox, Kelso and God help you, the Janitor! As the newbie, you’ll be required to complete all sorts of tasks assigned to you by various characters.

Let’s hope your skills include those of a detective as well as a doctor, because many of the tasks involve finding missing items and possessions. First thing after entering the game the janitor will stop you from entering the hospital, and give you a task that involves helping to clean up outside the hospital. It’s obvious that he hasn’t been doing his job, because it’s a freaking mess out there!

Using a icon based list of items in a toolbar, you’ll search for various well hidden items, and tap them to remove them from the screen. If you’ve ever played any “hidden object” type games, or circled Waldo in a book, you’ll feel right at home with this casual video game.

After cleaning up a bit, the janitor will then re-appear and give you the task of finding parts to his bicycle. During this first set of tasks, the janitor will appear on screen to divert you. Tap him before he disappears, and you’ll get extra points.

This type of interactions with characters from the show continues throughout the game. The humor is good in some places, tepid in others, much like the television show it is based on. The characters will assign you tasks, which you will complete in various familiar settings from the show. These include the nurse’s station, staff room, examination rooms, coffee shop, and various others.

Not all of the mini-games are of the hidden items genre, as there are also puzzles, adventure, and quest type mini-games. As the game advances, you’ll find yourself involved in an investigation that will develop as you play through the game.


I’m not a huge hidden object, or puzzle game fan, I couldn’t care less where Waldo is. But Scrubs kept my attention. I was always a big fan of the show, and still find myself watching it on late nights in front of the idiot box, so I enjoyed the interaction with the characters, and the puzzles were engaging.

If you’re a puzzle game fan, you’ll like this game. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll like this game. If you fit into both categories… Buy this game!


Price: $1.99  – Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices in the App Store. (DIRECT LINK)


  • Great graphics for a casual game, the characters from the show are well drawn, and are easy to identify.
  • The puzzles are challenging, and entertaining.
  • The humor is (usually) well done and adds to the game’s enjoyment.


  • The hidden object games are a little tough on the eyes on the iPhone screen. Even though the game uses the entire iPhone 5 screen, some of the objects you’re looking for are tiny. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for on the iPad’s MUCH larger screen.